Can Dogs Eat Halloumi? Is It Safe for Your Dogs?

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Halloumi and Dogs: A Cheesy Dilemma

If you are a cheese lover, you might be familiar with the word halloumi cheese. It is a type of cheese that originated in Cyprus and is made from sheep’s milk. It offers a great flavour when it is grilled properly. Right? But what if you want to share this delicious cheese with your canine companion? Can dogs eat halloumi? Is it safe for them?

Well, for your reference, we have done some good research work, and in this blog, we will answer all your questions. Such as can dogs have halloumi? Is Halloumi bad for dogs? Can dogs eat fried halloumi?

So, by the end of this blog, you will acquire an ample amount of knowledge regarding, which type of cheese is better for your canine companion. Plus, whether or not you can give your dog a bite of halloumi cheese.

Let’s get started, and figure out the cheesy dilemma.

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Can Dogs Have Halloumi?

The short answer is no, dogs cannot eat Halloumi. In fact, Halloumi can make your dog sick. It is high in fat, and salt, which can lead to obesity, digestion issue, and pancreatic issue in the future. Most dogs are lactose intolerant, so it is going to affect their stomach. Overall, try not to feed them halloumi cheese.

However, we also know, there are cheeses, which are non-toxic to your pup, and you can easily feed them on an occasional basis. Such as cottage cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, and Swiss cheese. These cheeses are lower in fat and salt than halloumi. It can provide some calcium and protein for your dog. So, you can feed these types of cheese on an occasional basis.

Remember, Halloumi can be a tasty treat for humans, but it is not a good choice for dogs.

We have also covered a blog on whether can dogs eat cheese, where you will get the options of toxic as well as non-toxic cheese for your canine companion.

Is Halloumi Bad for Dogs?

Well, halloumi is made up of sheep, and goat milk, it is high in salt, and fat, which is not a good option to feed to your canine companion. Halloumi is not lethal for your pup, but can make your dog feel sick easily. Plus, it is a dairy product, and many dogs are lactose intolerant. So if you will feed them halloumi cheese it will upset their stomach and can lead to vomiting, or diarrhoea issues.

is halloumi bad for dogs
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During our research, we came across many pet parents feeding a tiny piece of halloumi to their pup on an occasional basis. They do not fry it, and remove the mint or seasoning ingredients at the time of feeding to their pup.

However, we will advise you not to feed him a tiny piece of halloumi also. Plus, there are other cheeses also, which you should avoid feeding to your dog. Such as French cheeses like blue cheese, which are very fatty and salty and can produce a toxin that is lethal to dogs.

While halloumi may be too high in fat and salt for dogs, some pet owners do feed their dogs other human foods like raw eggs for dogs occasionally.

Can Dogs Eat Halloumi Fries?

The answer to your question is “no”, it is not recommended to feed halloumi fries to your canine companion. As halloumi is not a good option, feeding halloumi fries is a big no, it is rich in fat and salt, which leads to digestion, obesity, salt toxicity, and pancreatitis issues in your dog.

Furthermore, it is a deep-fried recipe, which makes it more unhealthy for your furry friend. So, avoid feeding halloumi fries to your dog.

can dogs have halloumi fries

Apart from halloumi, there are other cheese treats which you can safely feed him on an occasional basis, and it won’t give any adverse effect on your furry pal’s health. Such as cottage cheese, cream cheese, mozzarella, Swiss cheese, and cheddar cheese, are counted as the best cheese for dogs to feed.

While halloumi and other dairy products may not be ideal for dogs, some pet owners may wonder can dogs drink oat milk?


Can dogs eat breaded halloumi?

No, you cannot feed breaded halloumi to your dog, not even in moderation. As it is high in fat, and salt, which is not a good option for your canine companion’s health. If you feed him breaded halloumi, it can lead to severe underlying health issues such as obesity, pancreatitis, or dehydration. However, you should avoid feeding any dish, which includes onions, garlic, or any other seasoning ingredients, it is not good for your canine companion.

What type of cheese can dogs eat?

As you know, there are a few non-toxic cheeses, which you can easily feed to your canine companion, without worrying much about his health. For instance, cottage cheese, cream cheese, mozzarella, Swiss cheese, and cheddar cheese, are counted as the best cheese for dogs to feed.

Can dogs eat Greek yoghurt?

Yes, you can feed Greek yoghurt to your canine companion. But, remember it should be in moderation, and on an occasional basis only. It is rich in calcium, prebiotics, and protein, which can help your dog with easy digestion. However, it is a dairy product, so feeding in moderation on a frequent basis is completely fine and not on a regular basis.

Can dogs eat honey?

Well, yes, you can feed honey to your canine companion but in small quantities. This is because honey is high in sugar, and only a small proportion of vitamins, and minerals are there in the sugar. So, if you wish to feed honey to your dog, make sure it should be very less in quantity, and on an occasional basis it’s good to go. However, if you are raising a puppy or diabetic pup, then it’s suggested to avoid completely feeding honey to them.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

As the answer is “no”, you cannot feed halloumi to your canine companion. It is a toxic cheese for him, which can lead to severe health issues in the future. It has been observed that many pet parents feed halloumi in moderation and on an occasional basis. But, we recommend you do not feed, not even in small quantities.

Halloumi is rich in fat, and salt, which will lead to digestion issues, and make them feel thirsty or dehydrated. In addition, halloumi fries or breaded halloumi should also be avoided feeding to your canine companion. In fact, you should never feed your pup any cheese which contains onion, garlic, and other seasoning ingredients, which is not good for his health.

While fried and breaded cheese products like halloumi fries are not recommended for dogs, some pet owners may wonder, can dogs have ice cream occasionally as a special treat?

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