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This blog is for new pet parents and those pet parents who are struggling to feed their cute puppies the right amount of food. We all know, feeding a puppy is one of the common issues faced by pet parents because it is not as simple as it sounds. So, how much to feed a puppy by weight kg? How do you know when to stop feeding him?

Here, we will answer these questions and more to give you a clear view of the matter. We will also guide you on how to recognize you are feeding correctly, and tips to prevent an overfeeding situation in the future. Plus, also attached a general puppy feeding chart UK in table form, according to weight kg.

So, whether you are raising a tiny toy breed or a giant one, we will give general guidance on which is suitable for them. Worry less, and let’s get started to know in detail.🐾

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Why Is It Important to Feed a Puppy by Weight KG?

The answer to your question: it is important to feed your puppy by weight kg because they have different nutritional needs as compared to an adult or senior dogs. As they grow rapidly, and for better growth, it’s important to feed them food full of essential nutrients. Such as vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, good fats, and other essential ones.

Furthermore, the first six months are their growing stage. So, you need to feed him a diet, which is rich with essential nutrients, that his body needs for better development. In addition, the puppy stage is the time period, where their organs, muscles, bones, and brain develop properly.

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Plus, their metabolism and immune systems also work properly, so you can feed them easily thrice or four times a day. As their body will easily digest the food, and won’t hurt their stomach. On the other hand, you need to make sure to follow the feeding guide rigorously. This is because if you feed your puppy too much or too little, it will lead to health issues. Such as poor growth, obesity, skeletal abnormalities, immune compromise, etc…

Follow the feeding instructions given by the vet, or food package, which you choose to feed your puppy daily.🥣🐶

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How Much to Feed a Puppy by Weight KG?

As we have an idea, feeding your puppy an adequate amount of food daily is very important because it’s their growing stage. During this period, their body requires food full of nutrition, which helps their brain, bones, fur, and muscles to develop properly. However, how much to feed a puppy depends on various factors such as weight, breed, size, and activity level. Over here, we will talk about feeding guidelines by weight kg.

So, a simple rule of thumb is to feed your puppy by weight to follow the 20 grams per kg formula. For example, if your puppy weighs 5 kg, it is recommended to feed him 100 grams of food daily. This amount should be divided into three-four small meals per day.

Puppy Weight (KG)Food Amount (Grams)

Note:- This is just a rough guide, and it might not be suitable for every puppy. So, we recommend you follow the feeding instructions📝 given on the package carefully. Plus, consult the vet for more specific advice for your canine companion.

How Do I Know If I Am Feeding My Puppy Enough?

To know whether you are feeding the correct amount of food to your puppy or not, all you need to do is keep an eye on him. In other words, closely monitor his body condition, health, and behaviour. We have jotted down a few tips, which will help you:

  • Check his body carefully, you can feel his ribs, but, cannot see them. His belly should not be in bloating shape, and his waist should be visible, but, not skinny/narrow way.
  • Observe his behaviour closely, and energy level. If he is ready to go out for a regular walk, plays with you without getting tired easily, and is always up for a task. Then it means he is having a healthy diet and your feeding routine is going in the correct direction.
how do i know i am feeding my puppy enough
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  • You can also refer to the average growth chart recommended by the vet. This will give you a fair estimation of whether your puppy is getting sufficient food or not. Like if you notice your puppy is not growing as he is supposed to, in such a scenario, it means you need to give a close look at his diet.
  • It’s also important to monitor your puppy’s body in hydrating condition. If you provide adequate water to his body, you will notice a shiny coat look, his skin will glow, and fluffiness will be visible.

Well, these are a few tips, which will help you to know your puppy is getting proper food on time.

“Don’t forget to have some fun with your puppy along with it.”🐕

What if You Accidentally Overfeed Your Puppy?

Oops! You created a mess for your young canine companion by overfeeding him out of love. Well, now the mess is already done, don’t worry about it. Next time, be extra careful with it.

Well, overfeeding can lead to severe health issues such as obesity, weight gain, joint pain, digestive issues, and sometimes bloating also. So, to prevent this you need to follow a few steps such as:

  • After overfeeding your pup, at least wait for an hour, then offer him water, this will help to prevent the bloating or vomiting issues.
  • Next time, reduce the amount of food you serve to him, or offer him in small portions throughout the day. This will help to regulate his appetite and metabolism.
  • Monitor his health, and follow the puppy feeding chart carefully to avoid repeating the same mistake again in the future.
  • If your puppy is not feeling well such as drooling, restlessness, panting etc… Then consult the vet immediately, these can be signs of severe health issues, and require immediate treatment to avoid complications.

“Don’t let your puppy’s cute face fool you.🐶 Overfeeding him can have serious consequences.”

How Often Should Your Puppy Eat?

A general rule of thumb is to feed your puppy thrice to four times a day until he is six months old, or reaches the old puppy stage. It’s very important to feed him the correct amount of food, and nutrition full food, which helps their body to grow and boosts his stamina/energy level.

Furthermore, vets advise you to properly feed your puppies because this is their growing phase. The more you pay attention, the better life they will get in the future. You can also check out the feeding guidelines or cup ratio given in the food package.

In addition, feeding your puppy correctly, and at the right intervals help him to get better growth and the overfeeding issue is also be avoided. Plus, also helps to monitor their diet and health.

Note:- Make sure to fill his water bowl every day, so, that he gets water access easily. Plus, avoid feeding him too many treats, as this will spoil him, and upset his stomach.


How much wet food should I feed my puppy?

It solely depends upon your dog’s weight, age, and calorie intake ratio. We recommend you follow the feeding chart given on the package. Generally, feed him 2-3% of his body weight in wet food per day.

How many grams should a 2 kg puppy eat?

It is recommended to feed 100 to 120 grams of food per day to a puppy who is around 2 kg weight. This is just an estimation, you need to check the feeding guidelines given on the food package, which you are using to feed your puppy. Plus, the feeding ration might also vary according to his activity level, and breed type.

How do you calculate puppy food?

To calculate puppy food, first, you need to know the exact weight of your puppy and his age. Then need to be cleared with the type of food, and brand you are selecting for him. After knowing all this, you need to check the feeding guide given by the brand or buy a food calculator to get a fair estimation of the serving cup.

How much should a 5kg dog eat?

A general guideline is to feed 1/3 cup of food per day to a dog weighing 5 kg of weight. However, this cup ratio varies according to breed type, age, and activity level. For instance, if a 5 kg dog is super active, then it’s possible he will be requiring more food to fulfil his body’s needs. Plus, the cup ratio also depends upon the food and brand you are choosing to feed your dog. Overall, there are a lot of factors to consider before finalising the cup ratio.

How much should a 4.5 kg puppy eat?

Well, the amount of food solely depends upon the puppy’s age, activity level, weight, and breed type. Generally, it is recommended to feed 2% to 4% of his weight, so, for a puppy with 4.5 kg weight, around 100 grams of food per day is more than enough for him. Plus, it is suggested to feed this ration in intervals of thrice or four times a day.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Concluding our blog, How Much to Feed a Puppy by Weight? Hopefully, we were able to answer your questions. Plus, our tips to prevent overfeeding issues in the future, will help you to feed your pup wisely.

By following our feeding thumb rule, you can rest assured that your pup is getting a proper amount of food daily for rapid growth. We recommend you choose high-quality food, which is designed for puppies only, and enriched with all the essential nutrients. So, that in future, he doesn’t need to face a lot of health problems.

Always remember to monitor your puppy closely, it will help you to identify if there is any change in his body or health conditions. If the changes are good then it’s fine but if it is going in a bad direction, then you need to take quick action and bring solutions to his issues on time.

Feeding your puppy should be a rewarding, and enjoyable experience for both of you.”

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