How To Start a Dog Grooming Business? Insights!

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If you are someone passionate about business and are a dog lover too then you might think of starting the grooming business. But is it so easy to start a dog grooming business, is there any special skills needed for it? How to start a dog grooming business?

Here through our blog, “How to start a dog grooming business?” we will provide you with all the necessary information to start the business.

How To Start a Dog Grooming Business

How To Start a Dog Grooming Business?

To start the dog grooming business you need to follow certain procedures. Here are the ways you can follow to start the business:

Dog Grooming Business

Create business plan

To begin with starting a grooming business you need to have a business plan. This business plan will help you execute your idea in practice. It is an outline of your ideas, strategies and execution technique.

A business plan helps you arrange your idea, goals and target. It helps you analyse and study the market, competitors and your status. Having an accurate business plan makes it easy to get the investors on board and arrange funds.

Choosing the location and mode of operation

The next and most important step is to choose the business location and mode of operation. Location plays a key role in this dog grooming business, you can choose a location near the vet clinic, near a dog shelter home or near the pet shop. This will help you attract clients and promote your business.

Different ways to operate the business:

Salon-based dog grooming

In this business, you either need to get your own place or rent any commercial space. You need to set up the entire salon and the interested client will visit you at that place. This salon-based dog grooming is the traditional way followed by many.

Home-based dog grooming

In this mode of business, you need to visit the client’s place to groom their dog. This service has its own benefit of dogs being familiar with the place, which makes it easy for the groomer to do the task.

Apart from this advantage, there is one major disadvantage to this service you cannot carry each and every grooming equipment with you, which makes it difficult to groom the dog for the advanced services.

Mobile dog grooming

This is one of the best modes of grooming, which makes it easy for both the dog and the groomer. In this mode, the groomer owns a van fully equipped with the grooming equipment.

With the mobile dog grooming service[1], you can visit the client’s place and provide a salon-like grooming service.

Get the permit

Once you are done with choosing the place and mode of business the next step is getting the permits and license. This step is very necessary and crucial to run the business without any legal trouble.

Permits required:

  • General business license to run the business in a particular city or country.
  • A zoning permit is required to know that the business is run according to the zonal rules and regulations.
  • Health safety permits to ensure the safety and all the safety standards are followed.

Buying the equipment and tools

Pet grooming equipments

To set up the grooming business you need to purchase certain required equipment and tools. Dog grooming services are becoming more and more advanced with time, which requires advanced equipment.

The equipment required to groom the dog are:

  • dog grooming table uk
  • Scissors
  • Clippers
  • Blades
  • Combs
  • Brushes
  • Nail clippers
  • Ear cleaner
  • Toothbrushes
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioners
  • Towels
  • Mats
  • Cages
  • Dryers
  • Leashes


The complete setting up of the business cannot be done without hiring a staff. You need a staff to run the business look after scheduling appointments for grooming, clean the place, look after the administration work and provide various grooming services.

Just hiring a staff is not enough you need to train them too. A well-trained staff may be able to take your business to new heights.


To promote business you need correct marketing strategies. You can start your own websites and social media handles and display the services and your skills as a groomer. You can even promote it by connecting with pet clinics and shelter homes.

You can advertise your services and prices clearly on your website and social media pages so potential customers know how much does dog grooming cost at your business.

The other way to market yourself is through flyers, business cards and hoardings.

Why Start a Dog Grooming Business?

Here’s why you should start a dog grooming business:

  • You can turn your passion, love and care for dogs into business. If you are someone who loves dogs and can handle them then you can start a dog grooming business.
  • If you have good experience in handling the different behavioural issues of dogs and breeds of dogs then starting the business might benefit.
  • By starting the dog grooming business[2] you can be your own boss. This will give you liberty to have your own social life too and work according to your free will.
  • You will get the benefits of flexible work hours. You can schedule the grooming services according to your schedule. This will provide you with ample time for other activities too.
  • For any dog lover, this dog grooming service will you give maximum time to spend with the dog of different breeds.
  • Dog grooming service is the fastest-growing business, there are a number of pet parents looking for good pet groomers. With your valuable and satisfying service, you can build a big network resulting in profit.

Skills Required To Be Pet Groomer

Skills Required To Be Pet Groomer

Here are the skills required to be a pet groomer:

  • You have to be a dog lover, compassionate and kind.
  • You must have the expertise in handling the dogs of different breeds.
  • Must know how to control the aggressive and anxious dog.
  • Fully skilled in grooming services.
  • You need to have a great business knowledge.
  • Expertise related to the basics of dogs and their health issues.

As stated by T. J. Dunn, DVM in petmd, “The first step to becoming a dog or pet groomer is to research. You should research the different styles of grooming for different breeds as well as programs in your area that offer certifications in pet grooming. While certification is not always required, these programs can help you learn the basics of pet grooming and will make you stand out when looking for jobs.”

You have to be a dog lover, compassionate and kind in order to properly provide dog grooming services. Additionally, you must have expertise in the various techniques and tools used in dog grooming so you understand exactly what is dog grooming.


How to start a dog grooming business?

To start a dog grooming business, you first need to plan and strategise the plan. Once your plan is ready you have to proceed with the legal procedures and licensing. The further process includes finalising the location, purchasing the equipment and hiring the staff.

What are the benefits of starting a dog grooming business?

The main benefit of starting a dog grooming business is that you can turn your love for dogs into passion. In this business, you are your own boss and you can have the perks of working according to your own time. This is one of the profitable business models as there are many parents looking for good groomers.

What are the challenges of starting a dog grooming business?

The challenge of starting a dog grooming business is that you need to get the permits and finalize the favourable location. Then you need to buy the advanced equipment but the major challenge here is to manage the different breeds of dog.

How can I market my dog grooming business and attract customers?

To market the grooming business you can start with advertising and promoting your business. You can create your own social media handle or website where you can provide information related to your services and experience. You can even promote your business through flyers, business cards and hoardings.

How much can I charge for dog grooming services?

The amount to charge for dog grooming depends on various factors the size of the dog, their breed, the length of the fur and the services included. The charges of dog grooming also depend widely on the behaviour of the dog and their comfort with the grooming process.


Starting a business is not an easy task itself and when the business is of dog grooming service then not at all. To become a dog groomer you need to have a lot of patience and love for dogs.

This business will test you and your grooming skills as dogs are not easy to handle. To become a dog groomer you also need to have the basic medical knowledge related to dogs too. Amidst all this, we hope our blog, “How to start a dog grooming business?” has relieved your stress by at least providing the related information.


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