Why Does My Dog Dig the Carpet? Digging Deeper!

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Dogs are curious animals, they want to survey everything in the house, and one of those things is your carpet. But “Why does my dog dig the carpet?

In this blog, we are going to understand why dogs dig carpets and the common reasons for this behaviour. Thankfully this behaviour can be managed, but how? Keep reading to know…

Why does my dog dig the carpet

Why Does My Dog Dig the Carpet?

Dogs do many things to satisfy their curiosities. They have many quirky behaviours, and one of them is digging. You may have come across your dog digging the carpet and wondered what are the reasons for this then let’s dig in (funny, huh?!) and explore!

Digging is in their DNA. In the wild dog’s ancestors dug to create safe and cosy spaces to shield themselves from danger and other elements. While dogs are living in a room with us these genes are still ingrained in them.

Dogs are social beings, and if they’re feeling a bit neglected, their clever paws might just grab your attention. Dogs look cute with their teary eyes while asking for your attention, so they may turn to this digging!

Nesting is another behaviour dogs have inherited from their ancestors. Before sitting they like to dig and arrange the place as per their comfort.

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Signs Your Dog Might Be a Carpet Digger

Let’s understand some reasons that may suggest that your dog is a carpet digger:

Observable Behaviors

If your dog keeps scratching or digging at one part of the carpet, see it as their creative effort to liven up their space. Focused scratching shows your dog has intentionally chosen that spot to dig away.

They may be tapping into their natural digging instinct. Or just passing time by making floor masterpieces with their paws! Either way, targeted carpet digging points to a need for more activity or environmental enrichment.

Environmental Clues

Check your carpet closely. Do you find any fibres scattered around? Dog hair can also accumulate in carpets over time. Knowing how to get dog hair out of carpet should be part of any dog owner’s cleaning routine. It’s not just a mess, it’s a clue that your dog is on an exploration journey.

Dogs can be creatures of habit, and digging in the same spot is like creating a personal masterpiece in their favourite gallery. The repetition signals a preference for that specific area, turning it into a dog’s dedicated focus point.

a dog hiding under a sofa

How to Address Carpet Digging

After exploring the reasons, let’s understand what can you do to stop this behaviour:

  • First and foremost if you find out that your dog is digging the carpet then Fear not and don’t even shout at them, there are better ways to handle this behaviour.
  • Try to introduce a designated digging area in your yard or balcony or someplace you like. Fill it with loose soil or sand to imitate the joy of digging in the great outdoors. When your dog feels the urge, they’ll head straight to their playground, leaving your carpets in peace.
  • You can also try puzzle feeders or toys this will not only satisfy their digging instincts but also give them mental stimulation, turning the designated digging zone into their favourite place.
  • They feel anxious due to less physical and mental exercise[1], which may lead to digging the carpet. You can give them some time from your day and take them on a walk and play with them a little. (We promise, you’ll love it!)
  • Give them rewards when they stop digging the carpet or display any good behaviour. A simple “good boy” or a tasty treat goes a long way.
  • Positive reinforcement creates a bond between good behaviour and rewards[2], motivating dogs to choose the right spot for their digging explorations. Please remember to avoid the temptation to scold or punish.

These are some positive tips for you to handle this behaviour to save your best carpet and your best buddy, Happy digging!

Environmental Modifications

Let’s see what are the environmental changes you can do to improve this situation:

Some combination of spray can help you in this situation. These sprays, specially made with scents that dogs find less inviting, act as a gentle reminder that the carpet is off-limits.

Simply apply the spray to the targeted areas, and voila! Your dog may think twice about turning the living room into a digging den.

Place your rugs and carpets such a way that they are not straight up approachable for your dog, may a little far from your usual route in your home or not very close to the doors.

dog digging and scratching

You can also use some barriers between curious paws and vulnerable carpets, they may save the day (and your floor!)

Some combination of spray can help you in this situation. You may also want to consider the best colour carpet for dog owners when choosing new flooring.

Seeking Professional Help

If your dog keeps digging at the carpet no matter what, it may be time to bring in help. First, visit your vet to make sure your pup isn’t acting out due to a medical issue.

If your dog gets a clean bill of health, consider a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. These experts can get to the root of your dog’s urges. They’ll also design a custom plan to curb the carpet digging for good.

With the right guidance, you can solve this puzzle in a way that makes both you and your dog happy. And your carpets will thank you too! Don’t lose hope, there are always solutions for even the trickiest habits.


❔Why Does My Dog Keep Pulling the Carpet?

Boredom: Dogs require a lot of mental stimulation, or they may find destructive ways to amuse themselves. Without toys or chew bones, a dog may start using your carpet as an entertaining toy. Physical Discomfort: When a dog is too hot or too cold, it will attempt to dig a den to shelter itself.

❔Why Does My Dog Dig the Carpet?

Dogs scratch on the floor for a variety of reasons, including boredom or frustration, anxiety, attention-seeking behaviour, wiping their feet, giving themselves a paw-pedicure, separation-related problems, breed-specific behaviour, or claiming something as theirs through scent.

❔Why Does a Dog Scratch the Carpet Before Lying Down?

Scratching the ground is a way to spread their scent and mark their territory, communicating to other dogs or animals that this is their nest or place of rest. Scratching the floor was also a way for them to create a shallow nest where they could retain body heat in case they were sleeping in the cold.

❔What Is Pica in a Dog?

Pica is a condition that may lead your dog to eat non-food items, such as rocks or clothes. The condition can be caused by a medical issue, like not getting enough nutrients. Pica can also be caused by a behavioural issue, such as anxiety or boredom.

❔Why Do Female Dogs Drag Themselves on the Carpet?

Skin Irritation or General Itching. Female dogs may experience itching of the vulva, which will also cause them to scoot along the floor in an attempt to scratch it. If you see your dog do this once or twice, there’s probably nothing to worry about. However, if she does it frequently, she may have a vaginal infection.


In conclusion “Why does my dog dig the carpet?” When your dog digs the carpet then be patient. Understand the reasons then try to solve the issue.

Once we identify the root cause then it is easier to channel that energy into better ways.

Making a few lifestyle changes to meet our companion’s needs improves the quality of life for the whole household. This includes being prepared for accidents by knowing how to get dog poop out of the carpet.


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