How to Get Dog Hair Out of the Carpet?

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Keeping the house clean is a constant struggle, especially if you are sharing your home with dogs for you the hairy carpets are a familiar frustration. So, “How to get dog hair out of the carpet?

Understanding this struggle is the first step to overcoming it. In this blog, we are going to explore different ways of removing dog hair from the carpet, so gather your tools and be ready, here we begin…

How to Get Dog Hair Out of the Carpet

How to Get Dog Hair Out of the Carpet?

Dogs bring immense joy into our homes, but with the joy, many times comes a little tension. Which is cleaning your home, and your things clean, especially your carpet. So, let’s see how can you do that:

Things You’ll Need

Here is the compact list of things that you will need to get through the cleaning effectively:

  • Vacuum cleaner with strong suction and pet hair attachments
  • Lint rollers
  • Rubber gloves

Pre-Cleaning Moves

Brushing your pup is a bonding routine that also cuts down on loose fur. Wrap furniture in stylish covers to guard against hair.

Cleaning need not be a chore with the right tools on hand: your vacuum, lint rollers, and rubber gloves transform into weapons against dog fur tumbleweeds.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of the Carpet

This is to increase your creativity and turn maintenance into a delightful adventure rather than a heroic quest. With your vacuum cleaner steed, lint roller wand, and rubber glove, you’re set to turn the chore of cleaning into an easy quick task.

When choosing new carpets, consider getting the best colour carpet for dog owners that will hide dirt and hair.

Vacuuming Tactics

Take a moment to clear the carpet before vacuuming. Remove all the obstacles, and any clutter that may hinder your speed.

When you are vacuuming try the overlapping strokes, it’s simple and effective[1]. Do the thorough cleaning, it’s not about the fancy job, it’s about getting the job done right.

Spot Cleaning Hacks

DIY is the solution for expensive cleaners. Mix some baking soda with vinegar, and you’ll get a cost-effective, homemade solution.

No need for a science degree; just a practical way to tackle stains and odours. Budget-friendly and efficient, that’s the DIY benefit.

Rubber gloves are for more than just washing dishes. Slide them on and run your hands over surfaces to grab those stubborn hairs. It’s like a lint roller. Simple and effective!

Cleaning Aftermath

It’s time to give yourself some credit for the chaos you have conquered. A simple pat on the back, recognize your efforts and feel good about the job well done!

Now, it’s time to establish a simple cleaning routine. It’s about maintaining a clean, comfortable home without too much hassle.

cleaning carpet with brush and baking soda

Different ways to remove hair from the carpet

Let’s explore some other practical and easy solutions to the consistent problem of hair on the carpets:

1. A Hairbrush

Using a hairbrush on your carpet may seem unusual, but it’s effective. Choose a brush with sturdy bristles and move it over the carpet in one direction.

This helps to gather loose hairs into chunks, making it easy to vacuum them later. Remember to clean the brush during this process to maintain its efficiency.

2. Rubber Gloves

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and prepare to perform your cleaning ritual. Soak the gloves slightly, then run your hands over the carpet. The static electricity created between the rubber and the carpet will attract and lift the hairs.

This method is not only simple but also quite satisfying and fun as you watch the hair stick to the gloves like a magnet.

3. Balloons

Balloons? We know we know, it’s difficult to believe. So, inflate a balloon and rub it over the carpet, you will be surprised.

The friction between the balloon and the carpet generates static electricity, attracting and lifting the hair. It’s fun and budget-friendly, especially in hard-to-reach corners.

cleaning carpet with roller

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is not just for baking, it’s a universal cleaner too. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on your carpet, allowing it to sit for about 15 minutes. This powder absorbs bad odours and also helps loosen the grip of hair on the carpet fibres.

After this, your task will be easier and simply vacuum up the baking soda along with loosened hair, It is simple and cost-effective!

5. Hair Magnet

A hair magnet is designed specially to pick up pet hair, it resembles a sponge but works wonders on carpets. Its unique design attracts and clings to hair.

You just have to simply swipe the magnet over the carpet, and watch the satisfying hair lifting!

6. Carpet Rakes

Carpet rakes are important, they are capable of untangling and lifting embedded pet hair. With long, flexible bristles, these rakes reach deep into the carpet fibres, bringing hidden hairs to the surface.

Use the rake in a back-and-forth motion, focusing on high-traffic areas. Carpet rakes not only remove hair but also fluff up the carpet, giving it a good appearance.

7. Your Pet’s Hairbrush

Bring your dog’s hairbrush to clean the carpet. Before vacuuming, run the pet brush over the carpet to collect loose hairs.

This not only reduces the amount of hair that the vacuum has to compete with but also doubles as a bonding moment with your dog. Regular brushing of your pet and the carpet keeps both happy, healthy and clean.

a dog sleeping

8. Anti-Static Spray

Combat the clingy nature of pet hair with an anti-static spray. This spray neutralizes static electricity, making it hard for the hair to stick.

Lightly mist the spray over the carpet, and then use a cloth or a mop to wipe away the hair easily. It’s a quick and efficient method to tackle static-related hair problems and keep your carpet looking chick!

9. Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines

Professional carpet cleaning machines are available for rent or hire, you can use powerful suction and advanced cleaning solutions to deep-clean carpets.

They extract not only pet hair but also dirt and allergens, leaving your carpet refreshed and renewed. Remember to follow the machine’s instructions for the right results and enjoy the process of cleaning.

Seeking professional carpet cleaning services can help remove stains, bacteria, and odors from licked fibers. But it's still important to understand why does my dog lick the carpet to curb this behavior in tandem.


❔How Does Baking Soda Remove Pet Hair From the Carpet?

Baking soda neutralizes this electrical charge, which is what causes the hair to stick to surfaces. Without the charge, the hair is much easier to vacuum. Plus, baking soda takes odours out of rugs! Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes, then vacuum it clean!

❔How to Get Dog Hair Out of the Carpet?

Vacuum. Nothing beats using a good quality vacuum cleaner at least once a week to keep pet hair from gathering in the carpet pile. Rubber Gloves. Squeegee. Carpet Rake. Pumice Stone. Lint Roller. Fabric Softener Sheet.

❔Does Vinegar Dissolve Dog Hair?

While they don’t dissolve dog hair, natural fabric softeners like vinegar and baking soda can loosen coarse pet hair that’s wedged into the crevices of the washing machine. This can help wash hair clumps into the washer filter pump or loosen and settle them in the tub to be wiped away.

❔How Do You Make Homemade Carpet Hair Remover?

Baking soda, not only helps in cleaning the carpet but also removes the pet hair from it. Sprinkle the carpet with baking soda and let it sit for some time (10-15 minutes). Vacuum the floor after that. One advantage of using baking soda is that it also deodorises the room.

❔Can I Leave Baking Soda on the Carpet?

When cleaning your carpet with baking soda, let it sit for at least 15 minutes. The longer the baking soda stays on the rug, the more odour, dirt, and oil it will absorb, for a more thorough clean. Try leaving baking soda on the carpet overnight and vacuuming in the morning.


In conclusion “How to get dog hair out of the carpet?” If you make vacuuming a regular habit, clean twice a week to keep them clean.

Keeping carpets free of pet hair can feel never-ending and overwhelming but if you do it consistently with right way it is manageable. Empty the vacuum after each use, and supplement it with other mentioned tools.

Stick to these simple yet effective methods! Consistency always makes the chore feel less overwhelming. Set reminders if needed, but soon your routine will become second nature. Remember a healthy home is a happy home, for you and your dog!

In addition to cleaning challenges, dogs may dig at carpets. Determining the reason why do dogs dig carpet can allow you to curb this behavior through more walks, toys, or training."


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