Why Does My Dog Lick the Carpet? Lick and Learn!

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Dogs are very curious animals, they want to lick everything around them in the house, one of which is carpets. But “Why does my dog lick the carpet?

Excess licking can cause some issues as well, so in this article, we are going to explore and understand this quirky canine habit in detail. We will try to address the root cause and handle this behaviour in a better way. So, without further ado let’s begin….

Why Does My Dog Lick the Carpet

Why Does My Dog Lick the Carpet?

Carpet licking behaviour of dogs leaves us puzzled, but we need to understand this in detail to help them. Let’s try to understand the common reasons behind this problem:

Possible Reasons

Here are some reasons for carpet licking behaviour:

  • Dogs have a developed sense of taste, and licking helps them explore and understand their environment. The unique textures and scents of carpets boost a dog’s curiosity, making it a fascinating area for exploring.
  • Sometimes dogs can display this when they are anxious or stressed. Identifying and addressing the root cause is crucial for managing this behaviour. Not enough mental stimulation and boredom can lead to this behaviour as well.
  • Nutritional deficiencies are another reason. For this consult with your vet to identify this and fill the gaps in their nutrition. Regular checkups can help in the continuous monitoring of a dog’s behaviour.
  • Oral discomfort, such as dental pain or irritation, may lead dogs to lick various surfaces, including carpets. Regular dental care and professional check-ups are essential for maintaining oral health. Dogs may lick carpets to relieve oral pain caused by dental issues.
  • Frequent carpet licking may indicate gastrointestinal distress, such as indigestion or stomach discomfort. If your dog exhibits other signs like vomiting or diarrhoea, seek immediate vet’s attention.
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Behavioural Solutions

Managing this behaviour is important for the dog’s well-being. Daily walks are essential for maintaining your dog’s physical health and providing an outlet for excess energy.

Walk your dog for 30-60 minutes every day depending on their age and breed. This gives them good exercise. Also play interactive games like fetch, tug-of-war or chasing toys. This helps burn energy and brings you closer together.

Why Does My Dog Lick the Carpet

Get puzzle toys that make your dog figure out how to get treats out. Learning new tricks and commands is also good mental stimulation. Use treats and praise to encourage them. Provide safe, durable chew toys in different textures to meet different needs.

Rotate toys to fight boredom. New toys keep things interesting.

The main things are lots of activity through walks, playtime, puzzles and training. Meeting their physical and mental needs prevents destructive behaviour from boredom and excess energy. Be positive in your approach.

When choosing new carpets, consider lighter colors like beige or grey, which can hide stains and are some of the best colour carpet for dog owners.

Addressing Anxiety and Stress

Dealing with anxiety and stress is vital to stop behaviours like carpet licking in dogs. Let’s understand this in detail:

  • Dogs get stressed when there are sudden changes in their routines. Go slow when switching their schedule or environment to help them adjust.
  • Dogs also get scared of loud noises and unfamiliar places. When there are storms or fireworks, give them a quiet, safe space to go. Products with pheromones that smell like dogs can calm them. Use these in your dog’s favourite spots.
  • What also helps dogs is keeping things consistent. Having predictable routines makes dogs feel secure and less anxious.
  • The key is to introduce any changes gradually, give dogs a place to retreat when scared, and keep day-to-day activities on a regular schedule. This provides comfort and lowers stress for dogs. Being patient and consistent will help them transition through challenging situations.
  • Adaptil, a synthetic canine-appealing pheromone, is available in diffusers, collars, and sprays. It can help alleviate anxiety in various situations. Feliway is another product that can be effective in creating a calming environment for dogs.
  • Select a quiet, comfortable space in your home where your dog can retreat when feeling stressed. This can be a crate, a specific room, or a cosy corner with their bed and toys. Make sure this space is always available and remains calm, providing a retreat during stressful times[1].
  • Connect the safe space with positive experiences by offering treats, toys, or gentle praise when your dog uses it freely. Use a safe space during activities that may cause stress, such as thunderstorms or visitors.

Feed your dog at the same times each day. Make them feel loved. Remember, addressing anxiety is a gradual process.

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Training and Redirecting

The best way to stop your dog from licking the carpet is through positive training and redirection. Don’t punish them for the behaviour. Instead, reward them when they stop licking and pay attention to you or chew a toy. Be very consistent with rewards every time they display good behaviour.

If they start licking again, just ignore it. Don’t give them any attention. When they stop, praise them or give them a treat. Then quickly get them to do something else like play or chew a chew toy.

Always reward good behaviours right away so they connect it to getting treats and praise. Use super yummy treats or fun toys so they want to repeat being good. Everyone in the house should follow the same rules.

Teach your dog to sit, lie down or do other things instead of licking the carpet. Generously reward them when they choose to do the thing you taught instead. Stay calm if you see licking. Getting upset can stress your dog more. Have toys ready to distract them when it happens.

Be patient and consistent. If licking gets no attention, your dog will likely stop since it doesn’t get them anything good. You can also spray carpets with safe but bad-tasting spray. Give your dog good things to lick or chew instead.

The key is rewarding good behaviours so your dog wants to repeat them. Ignore the licking rather than scolding them. Be consistent and they will catch on!

It's also important to regularly vacuum and clean your carpets to keep them tidy. There are effective techniques for how to keep the carpet clean with dogs.


What Do I Do if My Dog Keeps Licking the Floor?

However, excessive or obsessive licking could indicate an underlying issue such as anxiety, boredom, or a nutritional deficiency. It’s important to observe your dog’s behaviour and consult with a veterinarian if you have concerns about their licking habits.

Why Does My Dog Lick the Carpet?

Dogs lick the carpet or floor due to boredom, anxiety, something lacking in their diet, illness, habit or because maybe you spilt something delicious on it.

What Is Dog Pica Disorder?

The bottom line. Pica is a condition that may lead your dog to eat non-food items, such as rocks or clothes. The condition can be caused by a medical issue, like not getting enough nutrients. Pica can also be caused by a behavioural issue, such as anxiety or boredom.

Why Do Dogs Constantly Lick?

Licking is a natural and instinctive behaviour for dogs. For them, it’s a way of grooming, bonding, and expressing themselves. Your dog may lick you to say they love you, to get your attention, to help soothe themselves if they’re stressed, to show empathy or because you taste good to them!

Should You Let Your Dog Lick You?

There are only some bacteria that a human can tolerate from a dog’s mouth. Now the remaining bacteria can be harmful to you. So never let your dog lick your wounds and don’t let him kiss you on the mouth too. Children and older people who are generally prone to infections should avoid getting licked.

Why Do Dogs Lick Fabric After Eating?

Dogs have sensitive digestive systems, and if they eat something they aren’t used to eating, it could throw off the bacteria in their intestines. Excessive licking, potentially of soft things like furniture or rugs, may indicate that your dog is nauseated or has an upset stomach.


In conclusion “Why does my dog lick the carpet?” Dogs may lick the carpet due to various reasons including boredom, anxiety and lack of physical activity.

Regardless of the cause, pet parents need to address carpet licking with positive association and redirection towards better activity.

Select a quiet, comfortable space in your home where your dog can retreat when feeling stressed. Make them feel loved. This is a slow and consistent process.

Be patient, and consistent and never punish them for this habit. Remember it is up to you to give them a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Remember, getting upset with your dog can cause more stress. Instead, focus on positive rewards. Also be diligent about cleaning, including techniques for how to get dog hair out of carpet


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