How to Keep Dogs Warm While Camping? Tips!

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Camping in the cold is fun, that chilly breeze and snuggling in the warm blankets but what about your dog? How to keep dogs warm while camping?

Dogs have their fur to keep them warm but the problem starts when the temperature drops a little more. This is when keeping them warm is our priority.

In this article, we are going to explore some tips to keep your dog warm while camping in the cold weather. So, grab a cup of coffee( or tea as you will!) and get comfy it’s going to be a bit chilly.

How to keep dogs warm while camping

How to Keep Dogs Warm While Camping?

Just like humans, dogs have their own choices when it comes to weather.

Some breeds, like Huskies and Malamutes, are born for the cold, while others, such as Chihuahuas, might shiver at the very thought of a cold breeze. This is why it’s crucial to understand your dog’s breed, and their characteristics and adjust your camping preparations accordingly.

Young dogs and senior dogs have different needs when it comes to staying warm. Dogs may struggle to control their body temperature, while older dogs may have joint issues that make them more vulnerable to the cold.

Dogs can’t tell us when they’re chilly, so it’s crucial to observe. Watch out for signs like shivering, huddling, or seeking warmth in unusual places.

How Cold Is Too Cold for Dogs?

Now, How cold is too cold for dogs? Generally, if the weather is too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your dog.

"Temperatures below 45°F may cause discomfort for some. Small, thin-coated, sick, elderly, and young dogs are at risk below 32°F if outdoors extensively. Once below 20°F, all dogs could develop serious health issues like hypothermia", confirms Dr Jennifer Coates from PetMD.
How to keep dogs warm while camping

A good rule of thumb is to watch for signs of discomfort and use your best judgment. To protect your dog from this and keep them warm camping here are some tips for you to follow:

Tip 1) Choose the Right Bedding

Dog’s bedding is their cosy and comfortable place in nature. Choose a warm, insulated dog bed or a sleeping bag created for dogs or consider getting one of the best tents for camping with dogs which often come with built-in dog beds.

Add a layer below to keep it touching the ground. Remember, a happy happy camper needs a healthy sleep.

Tip 2) Keep Them in the Tent at Night

When the moon takes its turn in the night sky, Take your dog in your tent. Sharing body heat can give them a safe and secure feeling.

Plus, it adds an extra layer of protection from the nighttime chill. A win-win!

Tip 3) Use Hot Water Bottles

Fill a hot water bottle. Wrap it in a towel and tuck it into your dog’s bed or sleeping area. Just like a warm hug, it provides comfort and helps to keep the cold away.

Note: Make sure it’s not too hot, just pleasantly warm.

Additionally, Dogs need to stay hydrated. Offer warm water. Hydration helps regulate body temperature and keeps them feeling tip-top during your outdoor adventures.

dog enjoying in the camp

Tip 4) Bring High-Quality Snacks

High-quality snacks aren’t just delicious, they can also give your dog an energy boost.

Choose snacks with a good balance of nutrients, keeping their metabolism fired up to generate warmth. It’s like a mini feast that keeps them going.

Tip 5) Keep Active

Cold weather can make anyone want to curl up in a blanket, but your dog might have other plans. Keep them active! Play fetch, go for a short hike, or embark on a game of hide-and-seek.

Physical activity generates body heat, turning the camping site into a playground for your adventurous dog[1].

Tip 6) Use a Dog Jacket

Dog jackets aren’t just for fashion, they serve a practical purpose.

A well-fitted jacket acts as a protective layer against the cold wind, helping to maintain body heat. Think of it as a cosy coat for your dogs, ensuring they’re both warm and fabulous.

Tip 7) Keep Your Dog Dry

Imagine stepping out of a warm shower into a chilly breeze, not a lovely feeling, right? Dogs are the same. Keep your dog dry.

dog sleeping in the camp

Invest in a waterproof dog coat, and if rain or dew is in the forecast, consider booties to protect their paws. A dry dog is a happy dog, ready to play all the camping games.

Tip 8) Pack a First-Aid Kit

When learning how to travel with a dog, safety should be the top priority. Always pack a well-stocked first-aid kit

Safety first! Include essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and tweezers for those pesky thorns. Also, add any medicines your dog may need. 

Nature is unpredictable. Accidents can happen, and being prepared ensures you can quickly address any bumps, scrapes, or unexpected health hiccups.

Tip 9) Bring a Portable Heater

When the chill becomes a bit too freezing, a portable heater can turn your dog’s camping experience into a warm and toasty.

There are dog-friendly portable heaters designed with safety features to keep your dog snug. Just ensure it’s suitable for outdoor use, and voila! You’ve created a mini fireplace for your camping buddy!

Tip 10) Right Campsite

Choose a campsite with natural windbreaks, like trees or rocks. These barriers help protect your dog from the chilly winds, turning your camping spot into a warm and comfortable place.

dog sleeping in the camp
Dampness can be the enemy of warmth. Opt for higher ground to avoid those chilly damp patches. A dry site ensures your dog's paws stay warm and dry, contributing to a more comfortable camping experience.

Dogs love having their territory. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, set up a designated area for your dog. Lay down a waterproof mat or blanket and create a cosy place with their bed or sleeping bag.

So, choosing the right camping site is important. Now to make it easier for you we made a list of good campsites around London take a look:

1. Abbey Wood Caravan And Motorhome Club Campsite

Located on the outskirts of London, this campsite offers fantastic facilities, as well as being in a great location for day trips to the city centre.

The site is open all year and provides the perfect spot for families, couples, and friends to enjoy a unique experience near London.

2. Lee Valley Campsite Sewardstone

Lee Valley Campsite Sewardstone is located in Enfield Lock, 7.5 km from Woodford.

The property is around 10 km from Snaresbrook, 12 km from Southgate London, and 13 km from Wood Green Metro Station. The site provides a children’s playground and is dog-friendly.

3. Crystal Palace Caravan And Motorhome Club Campsite

This is perfectly located for those who wish to visit London and its many attractions.

It is close to a bus route and numerous train stations making it easy to travel into the capital at any time of the day or night. Tent camping is also available at this site.

dog enjoying view from the camp
4. Lee Valley Camping and Caravan Park

This is located in Edmonton, London, and offers a peaceful environment for camping and touring.

They offer a range of camping and touring options, including camping pods and cabins. Dogs are welcome on the site, but unfortunately not permitted in camping pods and cabins.

5. Clitheroe Camping And Caravanning Club Site

Located in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley, this campsite is set in a parkland close to the River Ribble. The site caters to all units and offers a brilliant range of facilities.

The campsite also has Ready Camp tents for those who want to enjoy camping without the hassle of setting up their tent or letting go of their home comforts.

Choosing the right dog-friendly campsite is also an important consideration when learning how to go camping with a dog.


Do Dogs Need a Blanket for Camping?

When camping, bringing a thick blanket along for your dog is an excellent idea. While dogs may get cold more slowly than humans because of their thick fur, they will get cold if exposed to cold temperatures for extended periods.

Do Dogs Get Cold While Camping?

Some dogs are better built for cold weather, while others may get cold more quickly and strongly prefer to stay indoors. Be sure to respect what your dog can handle, and be realistic.

How to Keep Dogs Warm While Camping?

Bring Plenty of Nutrient Dense Foods. Keep Your Dog Dry. Warm Up with Activities: booties for Paw Protection and Insulation. Give Your Dog a Warm, Waterproof Blanket: Tent Sleeping for Snuggles and Warmth. Tuck Your Pup into a Special Doggy Sleeping Bag.

Where Should My Dog Sleep While Camping?

This will depend on your dog, how he has been trained, and how comfortable he is in the tent. If your dog is a flight risk and the question ‘Where do dogs sleep when camping’ instantly gives you anxiety, a crate may be your saving grace!

Do Dogs Need Sleeping Bags When Camping?

Dogs with shorter fur or single coats are more likely to feel cold. Those with thick fur or double coats probably won’t, unless temperatures are pretty extreme. Give them their sleeping bag or blanket if they get cold.


In conclusion “How to keep dogs warm while camping?” Choose the right bedding. Keep those tails in action with snacks and outdoor play.

A well-fed and exercised dog is a happy dog. Keep them dry, and add a bed warmer for extra warmth.

Remember, it’s not just about the camping trip, it’s about the memories around the campfire, the paw prints left in the mud, and the warmth shared under the stars. Happy camping!


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