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It is important for pet parents to take care of their furry pal’s health, and provide them proper diet for their body development. Plus, depending on their age, and weight, their feeding proportion will vary. So, now the question arises: How much to feed Cockapoo? What do Cockapoos eat? How much to feed a Teacup Cockapoo, and Miniature Cockapoo?

Well, for your convenience we have prepared a Cockapoo feeding chart, which is bifurcated as per your pup’s age and weight. Along with the feeding chart, we have also covered feeding tips, so that you can feed wisely.

In fact, for our “Rio” we follow the same Cockapoo feeding chart.

How Much to Feed a Cockapoo Puppy-Feeding Chart

When it comes to feeding a Cockapoo puppy, the first thing to consider is his age. They are breastfed until they are eight weeks old. After that, you have to look for puppy-formulated food, which suits their body and provides essential nutrients. It’s true, you have to feed him at least thrice or four times a day. Because they will be at their growing stage and their body will demand food enriched with nutrients for better development.

Standard Cockapoo Feeding Chart

Furthermore, try to keep your Cockapoo puppy feeding guide fixed, and make sure you don’t overfeed him. In addition, you can print the above Cockapoo puppy feeding chart, which will help you to feed him the correct amount on time.

Suppose your younger Cockapoo puppy whose weight is around 2 to 2.5 kg, is at a growing stage. He will be required food as per their body’s needs. It is recommended to feed 56-gram puppy-formulated food daily with 386 kcal per day. Similarly, when he will reach his older Cockapoo puppy stage, his food proportion and calorie intake ratio will vary as per his body requirement.

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Adult Cockapoo Feeding Proportion

Once your Cockapoo reaches the adult zone, again their feeding proportion will change. Now, you have to feed them twice a day. One morning meal and an evening meal with recommended food proportions and calories as per their weight, and energy level. Furthermore, you can refer to the Cockapoo feeding chart for adulthood.

To give your pup a healthy lifestyle, the first thing to focus is on their food quality, proportion, and calorie intake ratio. This help in controlling their weight, and keeps them energetic all day.

For instance, if you are parenting an adult Cockapoo, then you have to first check his weight. Suppose it comes to around 5.5 to 6.6 kg, the food ratio recommended for your puppy will be 120 grams per day with a calorie intake ratio of around 537 kcal per day.

If your adult Cockapoo weighs around the same i.e 5.5 to 6.5 kg, but he is not active. Then it is recommended to feed him a small proportion of food and calorie as per their energy level. This is because a high intake of food ratio without any physical activity will lead to fat gain and other severe health issues.

Note:- It is advisable to consult the vet regarding went to stop feeding puppy-formulated food. Because their nutrient requirements will change, which only adult dog food will be able t fulfil.

Senior Cockapoo Feeding Proportion

Cockapoo requires high-quality food regardless of age. As they grow older, their nutrient needs vary and need a balanced meal to meet their body requirement. It has been noticed that, at the age of 7, Cockapoo enters senior hood. Your Cockapoo diet requires senior dog food for a healthy lifestyle.

For your reference, we have attached the Senior Cockapoo feeding chart, which will give you a more clear image. Let me explain to you with an example, your Senior Cockapoo is a moderately active one with a weight of around 7.5 to 8.5 kg, living a healthy life with no such severe diseases. In such a case, the recommended feeding proportion is 96 grams of food daily with 466 kcal of calories per day.

Note:- Consult the vet once your furry pal reaches a senior hood, they will guide you regarding the transition from adult dog food to senior dog food.

How Much to Feed a Teacup Cockapoo-Feeding Chart

Teacup Cockapoo usually weighs within 3 kg, according to their age, and weight you need to fix the feeding proportion. We have attached a feeding chart for Teacup Cockapoos, which will guide you regarding food proportion, and calorie ratio based on their age and weight.

Teacup Cockapoo Feeding Chart

For example, an adult Teacup Cockapoo whose weight is around 2 to 2.5 kg. They need to take 40 grams of food daily, and the calorie intake ratio should be 40 kcal per day. On the other hand, as he grows old, his food, and calorie ratio will differ from the previous one.

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How Much to Feed a Miniature Cockapoo-Feeding Chart

After exploring the Standard Cockapoo feeding chart, and Teacup Cockapoo feeding guide. Let’s have a look at the Miniature Cockapoo feeding chart, and how they are different from the standard one. Plus, we have also attached a PDF of the Miniature Cockapoo feeding guide for your better knowledge.

Miniature Cockapoo Feeding Chart

If you are parenting an adult Miniature Cockapoo who weighs around 4.5 to 5.5 kg and is moderately active by nature. It is recommended to feed him 90 grams of food daily, and the calorie intake ratio should be 421 kcal per day.

On the other hand, as your Miniature Cockapoo will grow old his diet will decrease and so as calorie intake ratio. This is because, with time, their energy level drops and their body encounter many severe diseases. Suppose, if your senior Miniature Cockapoo weighs around 5.5 to 6.5 kg, it will need to eat 72 grams of food per day with 376 kcal of calories.

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Cockapoo Feeding Tips

Cockapoos are a hybrid breed. This tiny one needs a balanced meal, which helps in the proper growth of their body and makes their life easy. Before, fixing the feeding chart, it’s important to look at the major factors. Such as nutrient requirements, activity level, weight consideration, and foods to avoid. It will give an ideal image of your Cockapoo’s health and body requirements.

It’s important to consider your Cockapoo’s activity level when planning their diet, which brings up the question – how much exercise does my cockapoo need?

Accordingly, you can refer to the Cockapoo feeding chart. It will help you to feed him right, prevent his health from getting affected, and live a healthy life for a longer period of time.

Let’s dig in to get in-depth knowledge.

1. Nutritional Needs

Well, the nutrient proportion is one of the main factors to look at while fixing the Cockapoo feeding chart. This is because Cockapoo food should be enriched with all the essential nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, calcium, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

First, you need to select an appropriate cockapoo dog food as per his weight and age. If his health is affected by any disease or allergies, it’s a good idea to pick the food that will meet his needs.

After that, as per your Cockapoo’s weight, and age, you can refer to the feeding guide. It will help you in feeding him food in the appropriate ratio and a calorie intake ratio, which is given in the chart. So, that you can keep tracking and feeding him correctly for better development of their body.

2. Activity Level

When it comes to energy, Cockapoos are considered moderately active pups. Like taking them for a short walk, playing games indoors or in the backyard is more than enough for your furry pal. As, mostly, they like to spend more time on the couch, and love it when someone cuddles or snuggles them.

Since they are not super active one, it’s recommended to feed them as per their activity level.

For instance, if your Cockapoo just likes to eat, sleep, snuggle, taking short walks. In such cases, it’s recommended not to feed him in high proportions, and keep a track of his calorie intake ratio. This is because if you overfeed, they are not doing any activity. Then it will only add fat to your Cockapoo’s body and lead to other health issues.

On the other hand, if your Cockapoo is not a lazy one and take interest in going for a walk, carry out daily exercises. Then you can feed him well, it will help to boost their energy level. Plus, their food will easily get digested. As their body gets used to daily exercise, this gives a positive impact on their metabolism and helps in easy digestion.

3. Weight Consideration

Weight is one of the important factors to check before fixing your Cockapoo’s feeding chart, or fixing his feeding schedule. This is because it will give you a clear image of your Cockapoo’s underweight or overweight image.

If your Cockapoo is underweight as per his age. Then you need to feed him food enriched with essential nutrients, which helps the body to grow and develop properly.

For example, you can get his weight checked in the vet clinic, and accordingly, you can increase his food proportion. In this way, you can bring your pup to a standard weight as per his age, and will also help in living a healthy life.

Similarly, if your Cockapoo is overweight, you need to cut down his calorie intake ratio, and food proportion. Then only you will be able to bring back to standard weight as per his age for better living.

Note:- Get your Cockapoo’s weight checked in the vet clinic, they will give you proper results and according decide on his feeding guide.

4. Foods to Avoid

Cockapoo is one of the older hybrids, and they have sensitive stomach. So, one should be very careful, when it comes to feeding them. You just cannot feed him anything without keeping track of the food, and calorie ratio. In addition, they are also prone to diseases such as ear infections, skin allergies, hip dysplasia, other allergies, liver disease, patellar luxation, etc.

Here, are certain food lists, that should not be provided to your Cockapoo for their better well-being.

  • Chocolates
  • Nuts
  • Onion and Garlic
  • Grapes
  • Pomegranate
  • Avocado
  • Popcorn
  • Gluten
  • Dairy Products
  • Mushrooms
  • Raisins

These are certain food examples, you should not provide to your Cockapoo ever, not even a small proportion. It’s important to check out the ingredients list before feeding anything to your pup. This will help you to always prevent your Cockapoo from encountering any health issues in the future.


What should a Cockapoo eat?

One thing to remember, Cockapoo easily put on weight if you don’t keep track of his eating schedule. It is recommended to feed him meals which should include the appropriate ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Such as meat, fish, spinach, broccoli, rice, berries, etc. These items can be easily fed to them, and no health consequences are faced by your furry pal.

What food should Cockapoos avoid?

Cockapoos are prone to get an upset stomach, they have a very sensitive stomach, which can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc. If not fed properly, it can lead to severe health issues such as bowel disease. So, the most common food which causes health issues in Cockapoo is gluten and dairy products. These foods should totally be prohibited from feeding them to give them a healthy life.

At what age will my Cockapoo be fully grown?

If we talk about Cockapoo’s height, or when they are fully grown. Usually, when they reach their adulthood zone or when turn one year. They will stop growing and reaches their typical or final height.

Do Cockapoos get angry?

Well, yes, there is a possibility your Cockapoo get angry or aggressive when anything is done over or beyond the limit. Sometimes, they get overexcited, so there are chances while playing games they don’t understand the limit. And get aggressive and start barking, growling, biting, etc. So, you have to be careful and stop him from being aggressive in small things and be in limit.

How often should a Cockapoo eat?

Splitting your pup’s per-day food ratio into two intervals, i.e. morning and evening meals, is a good idea. Your Cockapoo should be fed twice a day, with an eight or twelve hours gap between the two meals. However, in those gaps, you can feed him small treats as a form of snacks/munching in limit.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Confidentially, we were able to provide you with Cockapoo feeding details and answered your questions related to how much to feed a cockapoo puppy UK, and their feeding guidelines.

Cockapoos are old hybrids, their feeding schedule varies as per their age, and weight, just like other breeds. When they are at their puppy stage, they need puppy-formulated food at least thrice or four times a day.

But, it should also be fed in appropriate proportion as per their weight and body requirement. Similarly, when they grow old or in adult/senior hood again their food and calorie intake ratio varies to meet the body requirement.

In addition, now you also have a clear image of feeding Teacup Cockapoos and Miniature Cockapoos, you don’t need to browse in another tab for their feeding chart.

We hope this guide gives you all the info you need on feeding a cockapoo. Proper nutrition is essential, though it may raise your cockapoo cost uk slightly to invest in quality food

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    • Hi Katherine Clarke,

      Since your cockapoo weighs 10kg, the daily recommended amount of food is around 200-240g per day. If you are feeding 150g of wet food (split into 2 meals), that leaves 50-90g for dry food.


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