How Do You Lift a Dog With a Towel? Lifting With Love

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how do you lift a dog with a towel?🐶 Get ready for a journey into the world of furry flight🚀. Whether your dog needs help moving around or wants a fancy spa day, using a towel can be super helpful.

how do you lift a with a towel

This guide isn’t just about technique; it’s about making your dog feel safe. We’ll show you how to pick the best towel and some awesome tricks. So get a towel, get ready, and let’s make your dog feel like a superstar.🌟🐾

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How Do You Lift a Dog With a Towel? Step-By-Step Guide

As per the experts at the VCA Hospitals here are some signs to watch out for if your dog can not walk properly and you need to help him:

  • reluctance to stand or walk🐾
  • pain when lying down or rising
  • stiff gait🦴
  • limping
  • difficulty breathing
  • whining
  • lethargy

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide and supplies you need to help your dog🐶:

how do you lift a with a towel

Step 1: Supplies You Need

Here are the list of things you will need to make this a smooth journey:

Towel🛁Non-Slip Surface🚫🤸‍♂️Treats🍖🐾
Go for a towel that’s comfy yet strong.Make sure the lifting spot is not slippery.Have tasty treats to make lifting fun.
Look for softness and strength.Prevent accidental slips or falls.Reward your dog and make them happy.
Microfiber or slightly stretchy towels are great.Keep your dog safe during lifting.Associate lifting with yummy treats.
They help you grip and avoid slipping.Your dog will thank you for the care.Lift with joy and treats in hand.

Step 2: Prepare the Dog

Guide your dog to stand adjacent to the towel. Employ treats🍖 and gentle encouragement to ease any apprehension👏. Depending on your dog’s size, stand beside them (for smaller dogs) or face them (for larger dogs).

dog standing in the park

Step 3: Position Your Towel

To get the towel ready, find a clean and flat space on the ground. Spread the towel out gently and make sure there are no creases or folds in it.

Smooth it out with your hands👐 to make it flat and even. Check if the corners of the towel are lined up nicely and the edges are straight. This helps the towel to be nice and even.

You want your dog to feel comfortable on the towel, so take a moment to pat and fluff it👋, making sure it’s all set for your dog’s next move.

Step 4: Lift the Towel Smoothly

Hold one corner of the towel in each hand, creating a cradle-like shape. Place the towel beneath your dog’s belly, just behind their front legs. Ensure that the towel’s distribution is uniform and that it isn’t pressing on any sensitive areas.

Step 5: Place Your Dog

Apply gentle and consistent pressure on the towel as you initiate the lift. For smaller dogs, it may be feasible to raise them completely off the ground. In the case of larger dogs, commence by lifting their front end, allowing the back legs to follow suit.🐕

happy dog

Maintain firm support and proximity to your body to ensure stability. Guide your dog to the intended destination, whether it’s a couch or a vehicle seat, and lower them gently.

Always ensure that the surface is non-slip to prevent any potential mishaps!

Step 6: Reward and Reassurance

Acknowledge your dog’s cooperation with praise and present them with a treat as a reward🎉. This positive reinforcement cements a favourable connection between the lifting process and positive experiences for your dog.

Safety Tips

Follow these safety tips to avoid any mishaps in the flying journey of your dog:

  • Assess Your Dog’s Health: Prior to utilizing the towel-lifting method, assess your dog’s condition to ensure its suitability. If your dog is enduring severe pain or injury, seek guidance from a veterinarian.🥼
  • Adopt Proper Technique: Adhere to proper lifting posture to avert strain on your own body. Bend your knees and utilize your leg muscles to lift, minimizing stress on your back.
dog with a vet
  • Monitor Your Dog: Although the towel-lifting method is gentle, closely observe your dog’s body language for any signs of discomfort or distress. If they display indications of pain, discontinue the procedure immediately.🐶
  • Exercise Patience: If your dog is unfamiliar with this technique, exercise patience during the introduction. Gradually acclimate them to the process and reinforce positive behaviour.

Choosing the best dog drying towel UK for the job will help keep your dog comfortable and prevent slipping. Look for towels made with microfiber or other ultra-absorbent, fast-drying materials

Additional Considerations

Here are some additional tips to smooth this process for you:

Understanding Your Dog’s Needs: Every dog is unique, so tailor your approach to your dog’s individual requirements. Age, size, and health conditions can all impact the lifting process.

Building Trust: The towel-lifting technique can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Consistent positive reinforcement and a calm demeanour contribute to building trust and comfort.

Regular Veterinary Check-ups: If your dog frequently requires assistance with mobility, consider scheduling regular check-ups with a veterinarian. They can provide guidance and recommendations specific to your dog’s needs.🩺🏥

If you notice your freshly-bathed dog still has a bothersome smell and are wondering “why does my dog stink even after a bath”, discuss this with your veterinarian to pinpoint any potential medical causes.


How to Move a Large Dog That Can’t Walk?

The easiest and safest way to move an injured large dog is to use a stretcher of some sort. Any firm, flat object, even a wide wood board, can be used if the dog can be secured safely.

How to Make a Dog Sling Out of a Sheet?

Stand the bag upright. Cut the bag along the middle of each side from top to bottom. The bag should be able to lie flat like this after cutting. Place the bag around the dog’s lower abdomen, and gently provide support by holding the handles.

What Is the Easiest Way to Carry a Dog?

Put one arm (preferably your dominant one) between the front legs and under the chest. Use your other hand to support your butt and back as you lift. Your hand can be under the dog’s abdomen.

Do Dogs Like Being Picked Up?

The answer to this question isn’t a simple “yes” or “no.” Dog owners know that each dog is an individual with different personalities and preferences. So some dogs love to be carried around while others may find it uncomfortable or even upsetting.

How Do Dogs Pick Their Favourite Humans?

Dogs’ favourite people are associated with the most positive experiences, especially experiences of love, shelter, and comfort. They love someone who can make a bad situation better or spend time with them doing something they enjoy.

Things to Avoid While Lifting a Dog?

Things to avoid here include lifting your dog by the scruff of the neck – or by the front legs, which can strain ligaments. Also, never lift a dog up by their armpits, as this can be painful to them and will definitely create some lasting negative associations with being picked up.


In conclusion learning How do you lift a dog with a towel? not only serves as a practical solution for various situations but also exemplifies your dedication to your dog’s well-being.🐶

By adhering to the comprehensive steps provided in this guide and incorporating the additional insights presented, you can elevate your approach to canine care and ensure a positive and stress-free experience for both you and your beloved companion.🐾

Always prioritize your dog’s comfort and safety, and remember that consulting a veterinarian🩺 for personalized guidance is a valuable step in promoting your dog’s optimal health and happiness!

Don’t forget, regular grooming is key for your dog’s wellbeing. See our tips for how to groom a dog to keep their coat clean and healthy.

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